One brand, one woman

how it all began ...,

I, Soumaya Zairi, designer and owner of Sumageza®, was born and raised in Brussels, Belgium.

Soumaya Zairi -Designer and owner of Sumageza - portrait shot

My interest in Moorish arts and crafts motivated me to go to Rabat and Fez, Morocco for a year after my graduation as a maquettist (typographic designer) and décoratrice interior designer. There I collaborated on various art projects with some renowned artists and architects.

Later, I lived in Hong Kong for three years, where I got to know the diversity of Asian cultures. Since that time I have been particularly fascinated by the materials stone, silk, wood and leather. Their colors and structures, the feeling of touching them, their hardness and their "soft warmth", their smell inspire me to work with them.

After returning to Europe, I had the great fortune to meet a true master of leather crafts in Brussels. From him I learned all the basics of maroquinerie, how to give shape to my own ideas, how to realize them in leather. 

Today I live in Germany, from where I make one of my dreams come true:

With my brand  I create my own collection of high quality leather bags under my label Sumageza®. 

Always striving to continue my education and to perfect my craft, I still attend a special school for Maroquinerie in Brussels.