Exhibitions and trade fairs

Design & Arts, Orangerie, Darmstadt (Oct.2020)

Unique. Der Manufakturenmarkt, Kloster Eberbach, Eltville (Sept.2020, Jun.2019)

Ideen & Objekte, Gut Rosenberg (November 2019)

Sumageza on ideas + objects Nov.2019-good Rosenberg flyer with very thin wooden bowl

Fashion Design, Waterloo, Belgium (Oct.2019)

Sumageza on the fashion design 2019 in Waterloo, Belgium flyer with dancing woman

Salon OZ Les Métiers d'Art, Strasbourg (Dec.2018)

Sumageza in the salon OZ, Les Métiers d'Art, Strasbourg, Dec.2018- Flyer with artistic light bulb and wood

Première Classe, Paris (Jan.2018)

Sumageza at the Première Classe, Paris, September 2018

Les Tuileries, Paris (Oct / Sept. 2017)

Les Tuileries, Paris 2017-flyer shows woman with yellow bird on the shoulder

Première Classe-les Tuileries (September 2017)

Sumageza exhibits on the Tuileries of Première Classe in Paris (September 2017)

Première Classe, Paris (September 2017)

Sumageza on the Première Classe, Paris, September 2017- Flyer shows splenden decor made of pink feather, blue bag and green hat

Salon Résonance, Strasbourg (November 2017)

Sumageza at the Résonance, Strasbourg (November 2017)

International Crafts Fair, Munich (March 2017)

Sumageza on the 2017, Munich, Flyer, the abstract objects in light blue, orange and gray