Philosophy - values ​​and work


Sumageza Su - Lettering and Logo - The font in dark gray letters, each composed of a small U composed SIN- The Logo SU shows the S and U in capital letters, with a golden crown sitting on the U. The background of this log is dark gray and with small, light gray SU deposited

Bags-by-Sumageza-Su-The Logo "SU" stands for aesthetics here the logo "Su" influenced on beige nubuk leatherI love aesthetics,

the beautiful,

what we surround us with, in what we do, what we give to other people.

I love to be with people, to travel, to discover the world, to get to know other cultures and arts and crafts.

In my work, I strive for excellence and uniqueness.


Bags-by-Sumageza-Su-Soumaya-Zairi-Owner-and-Designer-Selecting Leather-of-High-Quality-For-Her-Bags-The Image Shows-Her-With-the-Head-of- Production-of-One-of-Her-Tanneriesquality

in the materials

I only use leather coming from environmentally friendly tanneries in Western Europe. Sustainable, environmentally friendly, modern technologies with carefully controlled quality are used for their production. The leathers are tanned environmentally friendly.

I am always searching for quality. Quality in the materials, something special, exceptional for my creations.

My bags shall be timelessly beautiful and durable, even after years ....

Bags-by-Sumageza-Soumaya-Zairi-Owner-and-Designer-AT-Work-making-A-New Model-in-Her-Atelier

To give form to an idea

is creating something new

A "SU" is inspiration that originates from of a line, a color or touching different materials.

To experiment with them, to set contrasts in harmony, to provide them with a new, common purpose is the motivation for my work.

The process is intuition. One doesn't know what the result will look like at the beginning. From the idea, a vision develops of what one later holds in his hands. It is experimenting, changing, discarding, beginning again, trying differently.

The path of the creation contains many iterations until the "work" is finally completed

Bags-by-Sumageza Suprising For-Excellent CraftsManship Shown-Here-On-The-Round Ladies Handbag-Made-of-Red Nubuck-LeatherExcellence

in the processing

When I am satisfied with the design of a new model, I test it myself, under extreme conditions!

I ask friends and acquaintances to test it in everyday life.

Only when I am satisfied with the results, I give a new model my name "SU".

My bags are timelessly elegant, functional and practical, robust and durable,
even after years ...!

Bags-by-Sumageza-Su-Uniqueness-in-Design Shown-Here-On-The-Light-Beige-Shoulder Bag-Named-LE-Zip-in-Which-A-Zipper-Is-Used-Purely AS-A-Decorative elementuniqueness

in design

In my design, I combine elements of the modern with the sophistication of traditional craftsmanship.

The design of my bags is based on straight lines, as I learned it in my education.

The form is timelessly elegant and fits with many styles of clothing. For an elegant event as well as for every day, whether extravagant or casual in jeans.

I sign each of my creations with a special accessory, a semi-precious stone, a precious wood or a zipper transformed to a decor element.