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Bags-by-SUMAGEZA-SU-Boite-de-chocolat-neo-light blue shoulder bag - front view-3, about 30 slightly turned to the left. Textile composite material with unique relief structure.
Bags-by-SUMAGEZA-SU-Boite-de-chocolat-neo light blue shoulder bag - front view-4, rotated approx. 60 degrees to the right. Textile composites with relief
Bags-by-SUMAGEZA-SU-Boite-de-chocolat-neo-light-blue-front view-2 of the shoulder bag, turned slightly to the left, textile composite with a relief surface
Bags-by-SUMAGEZA-SU-Boite-de-chocolat-neo-round, light blue shoulder bag, front view-1, made of composite textile with a relief surface
Bags-by-SUMAGEZA-SU-Boite-de-chocolat-neo-light blue shoulder bag, detailed view-5 of the surface with relief
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Bags-by-SUMAGEZA-SU-Boite-de-chocolat-neo-hellblaue Umhängetasche - Vorderansicht-3, etwa 30 leicht nach links gedreht. Textilverbundwerkstoff mit einzigartiger Relief-Struktur.
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Bags-by-SUMAGEZA-SU-Boite-de-chocolat-neohellblaue Umhängetasche - Vorderansicht-4, ca. 60 Grad nach rechts gedreht. Textilcomposite mit Relief
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Bags-by-SUMAGEZA-SU-Boite-de-chocolat-neo-hellblau-Vorderansicht-2 der Umhängetasche, leicht nach links gedreht, Textilcomposite mit Reliefoberfläche
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Bags-by-SUMAGEZA-SU-Boite-de-chocolat-neo-runde, hellblaue Umhängetasche, Frontansicht-1, aus Textilverbund mit Reliefoberfläche
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Bags-by-SUMAGEZA-SU-Boite-de-chocolat-neo-hellblaue Umhängetasche, Detailansicht-5 der Oberfläche mit Relief

Boîte de chocolat®-neo - shoulder bag - light blue

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Round and colorful are the light shoulder bags "Boîte de chocolat ®"-neo by Sumageza.

Made of a new material, in which a high-quality textile is embossed on a neoprene substrate, so that it gets its noppene-like structure.

  • lightweight, flexible material
  • insensitive to water
  • billiant and elegant colours
  • inside 1 separate zipper compartment

A small, chic shoulder bag that you always will enjoy

Material: textile-neoprene-composite

Colors: light blue, "electric-blue", orange, yellow, magenta, olive


diameter: 20 cm/8 "

depth: 6 cm/2,4 "

strap height: max. 56 cm/22 "